10F-Reitan Catheter Pump

Powerful percutaneous Mechanical Circulatory Support.

Combining minimally invasive insertion profile (10F) with high pumping capacity


Low 10F insertion profile

The 10F-RCP is inserted via a 10F introducer sheath
in the femoral artery.

Small 10F femoral access.


Foldable pump head

The foldable pump head of the 10F-RCP is closed
during insertion and removal. During operation the pump head is open.

Cage and propeller visible under fluoroscopy.
Foldable propeller arms.
Unfolded propeller with 15 mm diameter.
Protection for aortic wall.


Easy handling

A sensitive touch screen serves as user interface.

Easy control via touch screen.
On-screen guided setup.
Adjustable pump speed according to patient’s needs.

The 10F-RCP treatment is controlled by the Console.

Portable (8kg), with battery backup.
Easy setup with cassette system.
Can be hung on the end of the hospital bed.
Can be mounted on a mobile transportation system.